Wednesday, September 23, 2009

CrossRetro Introduction

This started out as a joke when I was play Tales of the World and Cross Edge during that time. I wanted to mess around and than one thing lead to another and this will become a full game. 3 people are working on this game SkieFortress, Jaymonius, and myself Jimmyly.

This game is a CrossOver made with RMXP from Tales of Faith, Scared Earth Bond 1 and 2, and Phantasia 1 to 5. There will also be non playable Heroes and Villains from these and other RMXP Games like "The Legend of the Philosopher's Stone" or "Dragon Fantasy". (Depending if we get permission.)

The Game art and sprite style will be in 8 to 16 bit style like "Dragon Warrior" or "Final Fantasy Legends". I will post more information later so wait until than.