Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Playable Character#1

Nene Ashter
Origin: Tales of Faith(ToF)
Creator: Jimmyly

*Nene is a First Class Ranked Knight from the Kingdom of Lon. Due to her cheerful nature and the way she dress she is able to hide her true skill, power, intelligence to catch her enemies off guard. She like good looking guys and always give them a hard time.

*Nene role in Cross x Retro. She meets up with Alvis(She caught on that Alvis nicknamed her Yellow) and she becomes really flirty with him. Alvis know Nene is smarter than she lets on so he tries not to piss her off because he knows it going to be way beyond a bother.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Support Call

Well you know there is non-playable characters but, it doesn't mean they are playing the role of NPCs. When you do a few request you be able to get a Support Card from them able you to use Skill where normally other heroes cannot learn or use.


Nene(ToF) is unable to cast spells since she is all "Melee" type. Do a few Request from a certain character and when you aquire the Card from them Nene will able to learn skills such as: Heal, Haste, and Flare.

Some character lack Hit All Enemies Skills so if you equip Gunnar Card.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Hero #3 Dirk ????

Hero Number 3
Hero #3
Dirk ????
Origin: Phantasia V(RM2K3)
Creator: Jaymonius
*Information Unknown(Lol Jimmy)
*Dirk role in Cross x Retro is to impress the ladies(As far as I know.)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hero #2 Alvis Zellen

Hero Number 2

Alvis Zellen
Origin: Scared Earth: Bond 2(RM2K3)
Creator: Skiefortress

*Alvis comes from a rich and famous family. Alvis is a laid back and lazy rich thus his parents was kicked him out of his own home to start his own journey in world and self discovery.

*Alvis role in Cross x Retro after hearing of epic riches and treasures deep into the island. He thought that he can easly claim it and start lazy laid back life in the new world.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hero #1 Riou Manner

The first Hero to be introduce

Hero #1
Riou Manner
Origin: Tales of Faith(RMXP)
Creator: Jimmyly

*Riou Manner is hero from a RMXP game "Tales of Faith" Riou will do anything to Protect Nel Jenre "His childhood friend". When Nel became a Gald Hunter Riou follows her and tries to make themself rich.

*In Cross X Retro Riou searches for Nel. During the game he bumps into Patchoulli who look almost like Nel is surround by monsters. After saving Patcholli Riou promise her that he will protect her from any danger and help her get back to her world.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gameplay Elements

*Game is kinda like a dungeon crawler with lots of loot and deep levels.
*3 Teams Start out total of 12 SET! playable Characters (maybe more?)
*Customize your party with your favorite choices of characters.
*There is only 1 Town which is your home base and it grows and upgrade as you recuit characters and put money into it.
*Lots of planned out battles and Extra outside of story.
*Armor Boost DEF, RES, and HP.
*Lots of Idea that is not yet passed


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

CrossRetro Introduction

This started out as a joke when I was play Tales of the World and Cross Edge during that time. I wanted to mess around and than one thing lead to another and this will become a full game. 3 people are working on this game SkieFortress, Jaymonius, and myself Jimmyly.

This game is a CrossOver made with RMXP from Tales of Faith, Scared Earth Bond 1 and 2, and Phantasia 1 to 5. There will also be non playable Heroes and Villains from these and other RMXP Games like "The Legend of the Philosopher's Stone" or "Dragon Fantasy". (Depending if we get permission.)

The Game art and sprite style will be in 8 to 16 bit style like "Dragon Warrior" or "Final Fantasy Legends". I will post more information later so wait until than.